At 6’1” Toria Nichole is the tallest Queen in the history of Miss Universe Bahamas® titleholders. As a child she struggled with awkwardness and remembers feeling like she stood out because of her height. Years later it would be that same stand-out quality that propelled her onto the stage and ultimately landed her the prestigious title of Miss Universe Bahamas® 2015.

Having faced her own personal challenges with self-esteem, Toria found herself with a passion for helping other young girls facing the same feelings and not understanding their self-worth. Not surprisingly, her platform during her reign focuses on women empowerment through the development of young girls. She draws on her own personal passions of reading, writing, art and design as she reaches out to young girls in the Bahamas to elevate them to an understanding that they can be anything that they strive to be.

Toria Nichole spent her childhood between Nassau and Miami and went on to study Industrial Design at Auburn University. Her most proud moment was shedding her insecurities and confidently walking across the Miss Universe® stage to represent her country. Since then, there has been no turning back for Toria, who is not only a pageant winner, but also a media sensation and respected model.