Entrepreneur, Cherell Williamson, is a gifted and creative makeup artist, face painter and jewelry designer. She is from Nassau and spent 8 of her young academic years competitively swimming. During her final year of high school she had the privilege of participating in The National Art Enrichment Program where her natural artistic talent blossomed under the tutelage of industry experts.

Cherell followed her passion and opened her first business MaskAra while pursuing further training at a cosmetics school in Florida and with local professionals. It is no surprise that her attraction to fashion, beauty and art would eventually lead her to a modeling career. She has walked the runway of many hometown and international stages but still finds time to work with her mother in their Bahamian Boutique and train hearing impaired young ladies the art of jewelry making.  It is through this giving program that these young ladies have empowered another group of young ladies to become business women by opening the Hearing Impaired Native Craft Center.